Wow, what a hedge!


We would like to sincerely thank Sarah Fairhall and Hanan Currah for their amazing work re-laying this hedge, with gained the admiration and praise of many passing locals and motorists on the road from the Glasshouse Inn to Cliffords Mesne.

Hedge laying is traditional rural skill practised mainly in the United Kingdom and Ireland with many regional variations in style and technique. Hedgelaying is the process of bending and partially cutting (pleaching) through the stems of a line of shrubs or small trees near ground level and arching the stems without breaking them, so they can grow horizontally and be intertwined.

Today hedges are laid to maintain habitat, promote traditional skills and because of the pleasing visual effect of a laid hedge. Sarah and Hanan did a terrific job of laying this hedge, and we look forward to seeing how it regrows over the coming years.