Main campsite opens in Easter

We’ve been busy working on our main field campsite, getting ready to launch it as a commercial campsite during the coming Easter break. Our friend Jimbo from Redbreast Rustics has done a lovely job of creating toilet and shower cabins out of green sweet chestnut wood which is harvested directly from the woodlands for this purpose.

The 1 acre field surrounded by woodland has a barn on site, which has been used by the local scouts group since the sixties, and the local beavers, brownies and scouts groups continue to congregate on the site twice a week during the term time, with larger overnight camps over the summer.

The site will now be a shared community space, while still accommodating the scouts and other youth activities such as the Barnstorm theatre camp, but will now also provide a space for other community events as well as to be run as a campsite available for the public.

To prepare the site, last year many people from the community turned up to lend a hand emptying and cleaning up the barn. Big thanks to our May Hill friends and family (Tessa, Jon, Dave, Hannah, Duncan, Jane, Rob, Gillian, Glen, Katie, Scott and Julian!!) who put in a days working helping us give the barn a spring clean.

Next step was to install a kitchen, which will provide future campers with a space to prepare food and clean dishes, and plenty of tables and chairs to congregate with in times of wet weather!

It’s been a muddy, wet winter, but we hope the sun will emerge in the next two months, and return the scouts field campsite to it sun kissed beauty, and ready for visitors!